EFG Hermes is the leading investment bank in the Arab world. Founded in Egypt in 1984 and now operating directly in 8 Arab countries, we provide world-class service to individual and institutional investors, small- and medium-sized local enterprises, as well as large, multinational corporations. Our success in the past 30 years is built upon the strength and scope of our regional trading network, our superior market insight based on award-winning research and our commitment to getting to know our customers individually and acting in their best interests at all times.

We currently employ more than 800 employees of 25 nationalities, and we are always seeking both seasoned professionals as well as promising recent graduates. If you are intelligent, motivated and passionate about what we do, chances are that we have the ideal position for you, whether you are searching for a career as a financial or a non-financial professional. Explore your options today.


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Last updated on August 10, 2015