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Extraordinary General Meeting 2021

1.Ratifying the proposed Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) contemplated to be applicable to employees, managers and executive board members of the Company and its subsidiaries, and delegating the Company’s Board of Directors to present the plan to, and obtain approval from, the Financial Regulatory Authority “FRA”, and introduce any changes required by the FRA; (Download)

2.Amending the following articles of the Statutes of the Company: (Download)

-  Article (10), (16), (40), and (49) to remove all references to bearer shares and holders of such shares, in compliance with Law 17 for the year 2018, cancelling and disallowing bearer shares

-  Article (37) to change the place for holding the Company’s general assembly meetings to be in Cairo and Giza governorates, and to remove the reference to the holders of bearer shares

-  Article (19) to state that the Board of Directors shall be constituted in accordance with EGX Listing Rules and the FRA Corporate Governance regulations, as amended from time to another, and delegating the Board’s Nomination Committee to set the criteria for the board nominations