Fixed Income

We offer clients fixed-income investment solutions informed by years of expertise, including money market and balanced funds individually catered to each investor’s risk profile and investment objectives.

Egypt Fixed Income Funds (EGP)
   21.23 29.62 26.36 EGP Funds BOA Fixed Income Fund
Egypt Money Market Funds (EGP)
   14.27 12.69 1115.73 EGP Funds Credit Agricole Fund III
   14.23 12.49 356.15 EGP Funds QNB-ALAHLI Money Market Fund (Themar)
   14.2 12.55 37.13 EGP Funds Bank Of Alexandria (Money Market Fund)
   13.97 12.27 28.47 EGP Funds Audi Bank Money Market Fund
   14.05 12.42 11.14 EGP Funds Arab Investment Bank
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Last updated on February 28, 2017