EFG Hermes Asset Management is regional, growing and continuously outperforming the market​

EFG Hermes Asset Management is the leading asset manager in the Middle East and North Africa, with a 19-year track record of outstanding performance and an extensive portfolio of mandates spanning the region. The award-winning division offers equity and fixed-income solutions through funds and portfolios, in addition to the team’s strong offering of diverse products which serves an equally diverse range of institutional and individual investors.

EFG Hermes’ latest fund offerings included its UCITS funds for MENA and Frontier Markets — The EFG Hermes MENA Equity Fund and EFG Hermes Frontier Equity Fund — offering European investors access to frontier markets as well as to the award-winning flagship MEDA Fund that has outperformed the S&P Pan-Arab Index by 62.7% since December 2011.

Our Diversified Product Offering Spans Asset Classes ... and Geographies

Our Asset Management division is a key contributor to the Group, with steady growth in assets and outstanding fund performance. The division boasts USD 2.6 billion in assets under management (AUM) and targets the full spectrum of risk tolerance options, with a multi-asset equity and fixed-income product offering.

EFG Hermes Asset Management has an established, on-the-ground presence in the key regional markets of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with a robust portfolio of funds spanning the MENA region.



Asset Under Management

Reginonal / Country specific (USD mn)
Reginonal Equity 1,076
Single Country Equity 734
Fixed Income/Balance 221
Money Markets 928
Total AUMs 2,959

Source EFG Hermes Asset Managment as of 30 April,2015


We serve a broad and diverse client base — ranging from governments, sovereign wealth funds and multinational corporations to endowments, foundations and family offices — and have a long track record of structuring and managing regional discretionary mandates.


Conventional EquitySovereign Wealth Fund211.9
Family Office / High Net Worth Individual24.1
Mutual Funds / Third Party Funds194.3
Institutions (incl. private)83.7
Shariah EquityFamily Office / High Net Worth Individual1.6
Mutual Funds / Third Party Funds21.4
Conventional Public / Private EquityMutual Fund493.4


Conventional EquityFamily Office / High Net Worth Individual43.7
Mutual Funds / Third Party Funds483.8


Conventional EquityThird Party Funds356
Offshore Funds257
Institutions (incl. private)148
Government Entity561
Sovereign Wealth Fund509
Shariah EquityHigh Net Worth Individual42
Third Party Funds245
Institutions (incl. private)398
Fixed IncomeGovernment Bank66
Government Entity38
Institutions (incl. private)309
Third Party Funds122
Money MarketThird Party Funds7306
BalancedThird Party Funds87
High Net Worth Individual29
Institutions (incl. private)276
Government Bank183
BlendThird Party Funds75
Institutions (incl. private)508


Our Dynamic Investment Process is Backed by Years of On-the-Ground Experience



... Offering Promising Opportunities for Continued, Sustainable Growth.

Our steady team is focused on maintaining its excellent performance while capitalising on opportunities to grow regionally, thereby providing equity and fixed-income solutions on both a single country and regional basis. As one of largest and most mature players in the fixed-income market in Egypt, EFG Hermes Asset Management is focused on solidifying its edge while simultaneously growing our equity offerings in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and throughout the region. Whether conventional or sharia-compliant, index or non-index based, we have the proven diversity to tailor funds to a specific market's needs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Last updated on February 24, 2019