​Corporate Governance

EFG Hermes is an industry leader in corporate governance, promoting a business culture that prioritizes ethical practices and safeguards the interests of the company’s shareholders and stakeholders. Company-wide, EFG Hermes has embraced and stringently adheres to global standards at all levels, from the Board of Directors to line operations.

The firm holds its staff to standards and procedures that are significantly tougher than those required by regulators in all of the markets in which EFG Hermes operates. Similarly rigorous is the quality and nature of the documentation we require of our clients. EFG Hermes has policies in place to institutionalize and document procedures—making corporate governance a cornerstone of the firm’s operations. We create value by acting as catalysts of change and positively influencing our suppliers by developing a supplier code of conduct.

This exceptionally high level of compliance been a key driver of our strong position relative to competitors and continues to help the firm maintain its market leading position. For a detailed look at EFG Hermes’ corporate governance policies, please click here.











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Last updated on May 30, 2016