​Responsible Investing

It is not only critical to ensure the integration of sustainable practices into the internal day-to-day operations of the organization, but to incorporate them into the business model as a means to better our communities and showcase the financial profitability in engaging this strategy. This key element of our sustainability strategy will leverage EFG Hermes’ position as the leading investment firm in the MENA region to push for a trend whereby investing in a socially conscientious way becomes an economically viable method to generate group profitability.

This relies on our talented leaders, managers, analysts, researchers to seek out creative opportunities that generate financial, social and ecological value and returns. EFG Hermes views investments in the new and renewable energy industry, which is increasingly being viewed by us as the only viable method of ensuring energy efficiency in energy strapped markets such as Egypt and Jordan.

Most recent of these investments is EFG Hermes’ late 2014 acquisition of a stake in EDPR France which has a portfolio of 33 operational wind farms with a combined gross capacity of 334 MW. The company is a subsidiary of EDP Renewables (EDPR), one of the top four global renewable energy companies that develops, constructs and operates renewable energy assets with over 8.6 GW of installed capacity across three continents.

As a participant in the Inframed Fund, EFG Hermes also holds a stake in the Jordan Wind Project Company (JWPC), which is building the 117 MW Tafila Wind Farm. The USD 290 million Tafila project will increase Jordan’s total power generation capacity by 3%, producing 400 GWh of electricity annually.


Vortex Energy

Tafila Wind Farm

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Last updated on August 11, 2015