Stakeholder Engagement

Projecting sustainability across all the firm’s functions is a monumental task and its success hinges on the satisfaction and cooperation of our stakeholders. These include our shareholders, clients, employees, business partners, and communities. EFG Hermes actively seeks to engage all of our stakeholders to ensure that our products and actions are in tune with their expectations and needs.

EFG Hermes considers its shareholders to be the backbone of our institution, and as such it is has always been a pillar of our mission to ensure that their expectations are met. In addition to seeking to maintain our market leadership, we strive to provide competitively high returns and capital growth with minimal risk through ethical and sustainable management, always acting with our shareholders’ best interests in mind. Ensuring that our operations are in line with corporate governance best practices is also key and includes open and transparent communication and maintaining an open line with our shareholders. 

As a financial services institution, EFG Hermes considers the trust of its clients as its most valuable asset and the security of their wealth and future wellbeing as its raison d’être.
The firm’s leading position in the financial services sector is a testament to our enduring commitment to providing the best-in-class products and services and high quality customer service. We keep our clients informed through our automated execution-confirmation system and quarterly account statements and by providing regular updates on regulatory amendments. The firm’s research arm has been and continues to be the regional market leader in supplying our clients with data critical to their financial wellbeing. We maintain client trust through our stringent adherence to confidentiality and our fair and equitable treatment of all of our clients.

As a firm, EFG Hermes is only as effective and successful as its employees, on whose talents and capabilities our position as market leaders rests. It is management’s role and duty to ensure that our human capital functions in the best possible environment and to ensure that all our employees’ needs are met. This is achieved by ensuring competitive pay and benefits well above the regional average in addition to providing job security and ample opportunities for personal and skill development as a gateway to career advancement.

The firm also seeks to ensure that all employees understand the concept and value of sustainability and are equally committed to the programme. Accordingly, we have launched an orientation program company-wide as well as administered a survey to elicit feedback and gauge employee engagement.

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is paramount to the daily operations of the firm. As such our workplace is smoke-free, hygienic and, more importantly, relies on provisions and contingencies in the event of emergencies. Furthermore, our code of conduct ensures fair employment opportunities, commitment to diversity and protection against all forms of discrimination and harassment with an open channel of communications between staff and management whereby grievances and policies are discussed.

As a responsible corporate citizen, EFG Hermes is committed to using its financial expertise to alleviate poverty in local communities.

The firm employs the highest ethical standards when conducting business and ensures that its financial operations do not exploit society through its commitment to responsible investing. As an economic leader, EFG Hermes leverages its position to achieve sustainable economic growth by striving to invest and reinvest in the communities in which we do business.

As such, whenever possible, the firm will gear its financial resources towards projects that generate returns to the community at large. This includes ensuring that its expansions reap rewards for the community in the form of job creation and training. Furthermore, the firm incorporates and projects the effects of its investments on the community on every level of its operations, beginning with its decision-making bodies, down to its most basic functionaries. 

The firm strives to constantly communicate its ideals, goals and plans to the community. This is ensured through a strong relationship with government regulators and maintaining amicable relations with the media. Through these activities the firm also gauges its standing with the community and can adapt as necessary. EFG Hermes also runs extensive community outreach programmes that target poverty alleviation, disease prevention and youth development through the EFG Hermes Foundation.

Government and Regulators
As a leading investment bank, it is vital that EFG Hermes maintains an honest and open relationship with regional governments and regulators. As a key step towards this, the firm provides timely, transparent and regular reporting above and beyond requirements in many of the markets in which we operate. To ensure and maintain high standards of compliance and risk management throughout our activities, the firm has established an independent Audit and Risk Committee. The firm also adheres to all its legal responsibilities by guaranteeing timely payment of taxes, and obtaining of regulatory licenses and authorizations. In addition to the aforementioned policies, EFG Hermes placed systems and internal auditing to ensure compliance with labour laws, whether local or international.

​​​Business Partners
In order to guarantee the quality of its products and services, EFG Hermes prioritizes its working relationships with its business partners. It does this through basing these relationships on mutual trust and respect, the guarantee of loyalty as a key to thriving long-term associations, fair and equal treatment of business partners, in addition to forecasting and anticipating their needs.

The domestic, regional and global media are also stakeholders in EFG Hermes, the firm strives to get them engaged​ by offering tools that will help them to honour their obligation to provide fair, unbiased reporting about our activities and performance.

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Last updated on August 11, 2015