​Sustainability Committee

At EFG Hermes, we are committed to developing a sustainable business strategy beginning at the corporate governance level. We set targets and procedures to be implemented across all lines of business and community engagement initiatives. We are committed to leveraging our financial expertise and capitalizing on our human talent to create sustainable value for our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

The sustainability committee fosters a culture of openness and dialogue in order to ensure the full commitment and engagement of all EFG Hermes stakeholders (investors, shareholders, staff members, regulators, suppliers, community) in the design, adoption and promotion of the sustainability programme. Every employee at EFG Hermes is encouraged to give recommendations on how the orga​nization can further integrate sustainability in its culture and day-to-day operations.

Sustainability Committee Members:


Hanaa Helmy

CEO, EFG Hermes Foundation and Head of CSR, Chairperson 

Dahlia El Salawy

Chief Internal Auditor, MD

Abdel Wahab Mohamed ​

Group Head of Compliance, MD

Inji Abdoun

Head of Human Resources, MD
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Last updated on June 15, 2017