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Corporate Governance Committees

EFG Hermes’ Board of Directors is comprised of 12 members, 11 of whom are non-executives, who are responsible for providing the Firm with strategic leadership, financial soundness, governance, management supervision and control. To discharge its duties in these areas of corporate governance, the board has formed six committees focusing on specific issues.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is comprised of four non-executive members who meet once per quarter or as needed to oversee financial statements and financial reporting, internal control and governance systems, compliance with laws and regulations, whistleblowing and fraud concerns, the internal audit function and compliance with the Code of Conduct. Additionally, the committee ensures that free and open communication occurs between its members, internal auditors, management and the external auditor at least once per year.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee comprises four non-executive members who meet at least once per quarter to oversee compliance, risk, legal and operational issues across the Group. The committee advises the board on risk appetite and tolerance in accordance with the Group’s strategic objectives as well as on risks associated with strategic acquisitions or disposals. EFG Hermes’ Risk Committee also reviews comprehensive reporting on Group Enterprise Risk Management, including reports on credit, investment, market, liquidity and operational risks, business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Remuneration and Compensation Committee

EFG Hermes Remuneration and Compensation Committee comprises of four non-executive board members who meet once annually to study compensation within the Group as a whole to safeguard shareholder interest and ensure that management’s interests are fully aligned with the Firm. This committee also directly manages the allocations within the Management Incentive Scheme for Senior Management as approved by the General Assembly.

Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee

The Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee is comprised of the chairperson, one non-executive board member, and the Group CEO, and meets on an as-needed basis. It oversees the appointment of board members, the Group CEO and Group executive committee members, ensuring that all appointments align with the Group’s strategic directives. Additionally, the committee ensures the independence of directors in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and international best practices. The committee regularly assesses the structure, size and composition of key executive positions at the Group as well as the overall corporate governance framework.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of eight members appointed by the board who represent all divisions of the Firm. The committee is responsible for implementing all of the board’s policy decisions and overseeing the Firms’ risk management structure and policies.

Business Risk Compliance Committee

The Business Risk and Compliance Committee consists of 10 senior managers who meet on a quarterly basis to assist the board in fulfilling its duties related to compliance, risk, legal and operational issues concerning the Firm’s brokerage and asset management business lines.