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Human & Labour Rights

EFG Hermes Statement on Human & Labour Rights


EFG Hermes complies with the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, acknowledges its corporate responsibility towards the principles articulated within the framework and ensures the principles are captured in all its policies and rules governing employees at EFG Hermes.

EFG Hermes is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, an active participant in the UN Global Compact and a Co‐Founder for the UN Global Compact Network Egypt.


The EFG Hermes Statement on Human and Labour Rights extends to all EFG Hermes employees in all locations.

EFG Hermes acknowledges the definition of human rights as rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, political beliefs, or any other status.

EFG Hermes complies with the laws and regulations of the countries it operates in. The firm is guided by international and local laws for human rights and labour standards ensuring compliance and adherence with these laws. Where the internal standards supersede what is mandated by law, we will always apply what provides enhancement to employees' rights and entitlements.

Commitments to Employees

EFG Hermes adopts policies and procedures that protect the basic human rights of employees, and hires individuals based on expertise and competence, ensuring equal opportunities, diversity of experience, background, and skills to ensure a diverse workforce. The firm is committed to providing working conditions that meet accepted health and safety standards, fair and equitable wages in line with job scope, generous health benefits, a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and fair disciplinary practices.

EFG Hermes does not tolerate human trafficking, modern slavery or child labour. The firm employs individuals recognized as adults by the law and on a purely voluntary basis.

EFG Hermes reviews and revises internal policies where and when relevant to ensure they are always sustainable and in tune with our employees' rights, and articulates these policies clearly in the Employee Handbook, which is accessible to all employees in all locations.

Commitments Expected from Customers, Clients and Vendors

EFG Hermes is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility, environmental protection and ethical conduct. In its efforts to become a sustainable company, EFG Hermes' Supplier Code of Conduct requires its suppliers to uphold the principles listed herein and with all applicable laws and regulations regarding labour and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection and ethical practices wherever they make products or perform services for EFG Hermes.

EFG Hermes believes all workers in our supply chain:

  • deserve a fair and ethical workplace where the highest standard of human rights, dignity and respect are upheld.
  • deserve a safe and healthy working environment where the highest standard of an employee’s wellbeing is upheld.
  • expects its suppliers, in their capacity as active members in the community.
  • to operate in accordance with environmentally responsible business practices.
  • to always be ethical in every aspect of the business.

Commitments to Communities

EFG Hermes is committed to leveraging our financial expertise and capitalizing on our human talent to create sustainable value for our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

The EFG Hermes Foundation supports poverty alleviation, disease prevention and youth development. The Foundation focuses on achieving the maximum sustainable impact not only by investing our resources wisely, but also by proactively engaging the communities in each project. EFG Hermes Foundation collaborates with existing community leaders at early stages of project planning, fully involving them in decision‐making processes and assists people and institutions to overcome the financial, educational and health‐related challenges facing society.


EFG Hermes promotes ethical and behavioural standards among its employees. The EFG Hermes Code of Conduct clearly articulates the expected behaviour of employees. The Whistleblowing policy ensures employees can raise necessary business–related flags without fear of retribution. “Voice It” ensures employees have an avenue to voice concerns regarding anything that impacts them within the scope of the workplace, knowing that their suggestions, complaints and concerns will be dealt with confidentially, with respect, and in a timely manner.

EFG Hermes' commitments and policies apply to all employees in EFG Hermes's businesses and operations where we have management control and where permitted by national laws and regulations. In countries where local legislation conflicts with certain human rights, EFG Hermes strives to act in the spirit of these principles while respecting and adhering to local legislation.